We want to make your operation, home, or business better, stronger, and more reliable.

Let us provide you with a plan and a solution to get to the root of any process or electrical
problem and expediting repairs in order to keep your electrical or control system as
serviceable and rock solid as possible. Quality materials and skilled craftsmanship is key.

We want to enhance and maintain your operation!

Your business or process is the root of your livelihood. Keeping it current and
competitive is a full time job and the key to your success. Our experience in servicing
electrical and control systems is what we do best! Let us provide you with a plan and a
solution to promptly get the issue resolved and get you back in the race. Determining
the root of any electrical or process problem can sometimes require expert knowledge
and experience that is hard to come by. Getting your business or operation back in
action is our # 1 priority.

This is what we do best.

Established in 1999, EGM Enterprises serves North Texas, Corpus Christi and the Coastal
Bend area. Our electricians and technicians have the experience and skills to enhance,
construct, plan, install, maintain, and troubleshoot your electrical, manufacturing process, or
control system.


We are committed to serving our customers with integrity, honesty, and excellence!
Only using the highest grade, top quality material for every job. We have served in
critical path services for control system retrofits for Luminant, Caterpillar, Gatorade,
Valspar, Chevron, and Whitmore to name a few. Providing capital project management and skilled craftsman to execute installations. We exceed our client’s expectations in all projects
including, but not limited to, industrial/commercial electrical, instrumentation, control
service installation, repair, and maintenance.