Industrial / Commercial
Electrical Services





Add EGM as your # 1 contact for all your electrical service and installation needs.
Restoring, rebuilding, or retrofitting your electrical or process services quickly, efficiently, and accurately is our focus.  Installation experience includes heat and cooling equipment,
chillers, filling machines, cross exchangers, gas controls, burner fronts, energy
management and automation equipment, mixing and blending vessels, hot oil heating,
rotating equipment, tank level and pump controls, radar levels, mass flow meters and

We Bring You:

  • Highly-qualified, Knowledgeable, and Experienced
    Certified Electricians & Technicians
  • Practical & Cost Effective Solutions

Services Include
But Not Limited To

  • Design, Installation & Maintenance ​E​lectrical ​Services
  • Electrical ​Panelboards, Load ​Center ​Replacement, ​Installations
  • New Construction or ​Retrofit Projects
  • Process Installations & ​Control System Upgrades
  • Stand ​Alone ​Equipment & ​Custom ​Machine ​Control ​Installations
  • NFPA70E ​A​dherence of ​P​olicies & ​P​rocedures & ​Routine JHA ​Safety Inspections
  • Trained & ​Certified AWP ​Operation, Hazard & ​Risk