With over 35 years years in the electrical industry, EGM knows how to aid in a time of disaster for effective recovery. Partnering with EGM for your disaster recovery plan is an investment that can bring your business back to full swing after any disaster like hurricanes, floods, lightning, fires, and explosions.

Even before Hurricane Harvey hit South Texas, heavy industries have always needed to take preliminary measures and have a solid plan in place for safety of its employees and an effective plan for accurate assessment to restore damages back to working order. 

Using a systematic approach to get your critical systems up fast includes these steps:

We will set up shop on-site to employ services and prioritize the recovery process.
Acquiring inventory of equipment and data is a critical step to gauge the duration of the recovery process.
Cleanup & Repair:
Demo of all damaged equipment will be removed from the site to make room for suitable replacements.
OEMs will be used to install and test replacement equipment to get your facility ready for startup.
Get your electrical systems functioning, motors, switchgears, etc.
Start To Finish:
We will be with you from start to finish. After systems are powered up, we will remain on-site to make sure things run smoothly without interruption.